Monday, September 29, 2008

Feast of the Archangels


We celebrated the Feast of Angels with a vespers feast of Kopp's Custard. We brought home Carmel Cashew for the vespers treat. I was amazed to find not pieces, but whole cashews in every spoonful of carmely custard! Sisters, all who visit me will be visiting this Milwaukee institution! Not Schwan's, not Blue Bunny, not even Culver's can rival the tasty smoothness that is Kopp's Custard. Their flavors are quite inventive...tomorrow is syrup and pancakes, but I dont' think I'll try that one just yet.
The custard shop is quite near the house, which was good since they have little to no seating in the establishment. The oustide has some nice seating on benches and low gardening walls. The back of the parking lot is surrounded by the Kopp's Cows all in white! There were folk everywhere enjoying custard or burgers and fries. The sisters say the cold treat is in high demand even through the winter! Oh, to get back to the feast. I'm sure even the Archangels would have been tempted by a cup of Kopp's custard! Happy Feast!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Connection Home

I have been wondering what would be the best way to keep connected to home. Then it struck me...a Blog! So, I have started this site to share the events as I journey through school.
The city of Milwaukee has been good to me thus far. The weather has been good, the traffic has been tolerable, and the people have been great. I have been comfortable driving about and finding all the places a nun needs to survive, like Walgreens. The interesting part has been learning the correct geography terms to get where I need to go. I drive on an expressway--not interstate. I live in a suburb, but my suburb is a city and not a village.
My house has been a great choice. The Franciscan sisters are welcoming and understanding. They have been teasing me about all this reading I have to do for class. Apparently, this is not a new situation and they have some interesting tales of their own from school days past. They always invite me into whatever might be going on for the day, but don't take offense if I need to say no. Yesterday, I spent reading about 'motivation' while they celebrated birthdays with a couple students from their college.
Well, I need to go. I must return to Elliot Eisner and his view of the imagination in curriculum. Chapter four won't read itself, but it short and will leave me time to read some Lord of the Rings after supper.