Monday, June 29, 2009

Frugle Error


Well, I have deep wisdom to share with all students. Don't use standard shipping to save a few or even alot of money. When a professor decides to 'save' you money and 'lets' you order all your textbooks online, buy new from the company and pay extra for the fast delivery. Because the resale folk really mean 7-14 Days when they say it; in fact, they lean toward the 14 days.

A week before the course was to begin, I checked my school e-mail (thank God). There the new teacher (an M.A. on her way to a Ph.D.) requested we get our books online and gave us all the info to do so without a problem. In theory, I have no problem with this arrangement, except it can take up to TWO WEEKS to get your books through an online server. Ah, well...I can count myself lucky. Another of my classmates just let me know she had been on vacation when the suggestion was sent out and hopes to copy my book until hers can arrive.

Right now I am sending up silent prayers that God may guide the U.S. Postal Service with speed and efficiancy right to my doorstep!

I love school,


Friday, June 26, 2009

Over Hill & Dale


I have returned to the big city and now await my class in "Practitioner Research Methods".

The drive up was uneventful but intersting. Wednesday night prefaced the drive with a series of thunderstorms, tornados, and lightning strikes. Thursday's drive was full of vacationers that actually followed the speed limit--until I got to Madison area. There I encountered a variety of tourists, Chicago commuters, and town-folk. I'd never been cut off by a pickup pulling a camper and car before. When I finally drove clear of the area, I needed a Coke before continuing on my way.

As I neared the city, the traffic got a bit zooier...the Brewers game was over and those fans merged into traffic with the Summerfest fair-goers. The only blessing was another drivers curse. She had made it to the edge of the road and was standing a few steps ahead of her car, talking on the phone and guesturing wildly while three lanes of traffic all pulled into the far lane to avoid the SMOKE BILLOWING OUT FROM UNDER HER HOOD! Not steam, no no no...SMOKE! Thank God, I was heading East and not West!

Along the way, I stopped for lunch and chatter with Nettie (hello dear). It was great to catch up and see the kiddos. The baby is quite the cuddler!

So try to get my business in order and prepare for summer coursework and my last year of school.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Fun


This week has been wild! My parents camped out at the lake and my sister Joy and her family had a cabin right next to them. The grandkids (my niece and nephews) were all systems go with energy to spare...the grownups had a hard time keeping up. We went to the beach, toured the monastery, checked out the visitor center, fished, built campfires, went to the beach again, and even played at the area arts festival for kids. Whew...I'm tired.

Today, I had my oncology check up. Vinod looked at the numbers, looked at me, and told me to get out since I was too healthy to be there. The nurses and docs at our cancer institute are able to laugh with those who are joyful just as they cry with those in sorrow. Ah, I have another year clear and free of doc visits!

The next two days are set aside for the Community's Spring Chapter meeting. I will be in discussion with our sisters over a variety of issues...keep us in prayer.