Tuesday, May 26, 2009



I was prepared to begin gardening when I arrived home for my spring/summer visit before returning to University for a summer session in July. I had brought out my summer ministry 'box' with a water bottle, sunscreen, capri work pants, t-shirts, bandanas, and bug spray. I was set for May's warm South Dakota sun. Those first days in the garden soared from the 80's to 90's in temperature and all the earth started to sprout forth.

Ahem...it has now been in the 60's and overcast for the past several days. April's showers have overcome May's warm sun for the flowers. The gray will sprinkle rain on us every now and then; and there was a good soaking drizzle last night. However, the only thing to grow since the temperature drop is the creeping jenny. The weeds are taking off in this cool dreary weather while the young plants and seeds seem to be waiting for the sun to return.

The pocket gophers have also found the garden. The newly planted squash, cucumber, and melon seeds have been pilfered by some well fed four legged thiefs! Still, we cannot replant until we see what actually has been taken. To do this, we must wait for the remaining seeds to sprout and break to the surface. It is hard to be patient.

I have decided to enjoy the dreary sprinkles today. I have gathered a good mystery, a cup of coffee, and discovered a wonderful spot to read. The lower level patio of the Monastery has a beautiful view of our south lawn. The grass is green, the iris are in full glory, and the bird feeders are thick with golden and purple finches. It is a great place to enjoy a book and some silence.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Movie Fun


I recently went to the movie Star Trek...and I loved it! The movie was the fastest two hours and fifteen minutes I've ever spent in a darkened theater. The show's visual effects were a great blend of the 1960's style and the new effects.

The ship was finally shot moving through space without needing to be right side up. This was always a point of discussion among my Next Generation friends. The dialogue reflected the style of the origional cast without trying to imate them. There were great little references using lines from earlier shows or movies, but they were integrated so well that the context was smooth. I was most happy to see they kept the away party member in RED!

Sr. Erin and I laughed, gasped, whispered questions, and totally enjoyed the show. We even watched a good portion of the credits to match vaguely familar faces with names. Neither of us could believe that it was already 9:30! The movie had reached out and grabbed us and left wanting to watch again. In fact, I'm going tomorrow afternoon with several of the Sisters from our Monastery.

I give it two thumbs up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally @ Home


I know it has been quite awhile since I last posted a note. However, the last two weeks of school were a flurry of papers, presentations, and even a test! I was also happily planning my trip home. I have over a month before I return to the grindstone of education, but now I've returned to the Monastery grindstone.

Our sorrowful way and cemetery walks are filled with the scent of lilacs and apple blossoms! The lanes are lined with white and purple lilac bushes and the orchard is blooming beautifully. The many little flower beds are blooming with tulips, iris, and a few other spring beauties. Most of the trees are in full leaf and all seems green and growing...It is wonderful to be home.

Sister gardener is making full use of my volunteer service while I'm home. Mornings are designated as garden time. Right now we begin with picking asparagus. She has planted only those vegetables or plants that can handle the spring time temperature dips. Soon, it will be time to plant the rest of the vegetable garden (just short of an acre). However, this does not mean we're idle. We have planted two cherry trees, two pear trees, and three other trees of non-orchard nature. After the first morning of service, I was quite tired and chuckled when others asked how I was enjoying my "down-time"...the shovel is heavier than the pages I've been turning.

I'm off to bed much earlier now that I've returned to our prayer schedule plus the gardening. I admit the only piece I don't miss at school is the 6:30 AM prayer. I am glad to rejoin the sisters at the Liturgy of the Hours, but I've never been a morning person...

Well, I'm off to collect some afternoon volunteer ministry!