Monday, October 11, 2010

A Flat Blessing


One more reason to be thankful for my school experience. At 11:57 Fr. John came into the teacher's lunch room with bad news; I had a flat tire on the car. I took a breath to breathe in some calm before I started making calls to local shops; but before I could say anything, the small school support system kicked-in. At 11:58 Matt, the freshman dean, volunteered to lend a helping hand, drafted another dean to assist him, and had the keys from my car in his hand. There was no question in their minds that they should help out another teacher at the school.

By 1:15 Matt stopped by my classroom, hands marred with the thick, black dust from my tires but a smile on his face. They not only took my tire off (with the help of a hammer and chisel); they also had the spare set up and the tube from the flat patched with a kit. "Well, I had to go to town anyhow, and the kit was cheap so..." So, they went out of their way to help me today.

I've been checking with the boys, and apparently the two deans have a bit of a sweet tooth for chocolate. I'm going to bake up a batch cupcakes using my mom's awesome chocolate cake recipe and also try for a couple dozen of homemade chocolate chip cookies too. A small price to pay for their generous help and good will.


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