Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scholastica and Schoolboys


The Church celebrated the feast of Saint Scholastica on Friday.  I too celebrated this Benedictine Feast with the boys at my school.  The feast began at Mass with the monks, they even offered a prayer for the Benedictine Sisters of my house and me. 

Five times that day I lead my boys in the morning prayer or Lauds of my Monastery.  Five times I told the story of the first Benedictine woman and her call of Love...The quickest way to their memory is food and the boys will hopefully remember Scholastica's story better in connection to the 'Dove' chocolate hearts I shared as treats to celebrate the feast. 

All of these treats were in a wicker basket I carried over my arm.  As I walked down the hall between classes, those boys that remembered to wish a "Happy Feast!" could also take a chocolate heart from the basket.  The Church History Theology teacher had covered this portion of monasticism that week with the sophomores and had reminded them that they should wish me a "Happy Feast!".  I had to smile and laugh as they came in twos and threes to send me good wishes as they looked at the basket of treats.  Some even went above and beyond to ask if I had used Gregorian Chant to pray that morning! 

What they didn't know is that it had been a tough day...I was on my own for the Feast and feeling a bit homesick for my Sisters at the Monastery.  However, who can stay in the doldrums when greeted up and down the hall with the goofy grins and well-wishes of teenage boys.  My favorite of the day was a cheesy grinned duo who pseudo-sang their "Happy Feast Day" to me as they were impatiently waiting in the lunch line.  The boys made me smile, laugh, and embrace this new way to celebrate Scholastica.


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