Friday, August 3, 2012

Generosity in Work


For the third time in three years, I am moving to a different office.  Our spaces keep changing, and needs have shifted another theology teacher and myself to an office near the crypt (in the basement).  At the end of last school year, we peeked  into the space that was currently being used for an extra office, storage space, and keeper of odds and ends...and made a polite request.  We hoped for a good scrub down of the space and a new coat of paint to brighten the windowless room.

Our maintenance and custodial folk have never been okay with just the basics but poured out their generosity in service to the school.  Yesterday, I turned on the light to the office and was frozen in the doorway with amazement!  The new Theology Department Office:  a drop ceiling to hide the pipes and plumbing above, carpet squares to cover the simple poured cement floor below, one wall is sage green with the other three a sunny mustardy yellow, even the wall of power boxes has been hidden behind a new wall!  As soon as I gathered my wits together, I began to search out the men and women behind the amazing transformation of the basement room into this Awesome Office and profusely thanked each of them.

There are days when I struggle and wonder if I'm really in the right place, but then I recall the outpouring of support among the staff and faculty and realize I don't want to be anywhere else!  These last few weeks, the generosity came from the maintenance staff, but tomorrow it could be anyone else or even myself reaching out to others.  I hope you also have such moments of joy in your work-service-ministry with others.


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