Saturday, May 23, 2009

Movie Fun


I recently went to the movie Star Trek...and I loved it! The movie was the fastest two hours and fifteen minutes I've ever spent in a darkened theater. The show's visual effects were a great blend of the 1960's style and the new effects.

The ship was finally shot moving through space without needing to be right side up. This was always a point of discussion among my Next Generation friends. The dialogue reflected the style of the origional cast without trying to imate them. There were great little references using lines from earlier shows or movies, but they were integrated so well that the context was smooth. I was most happy to see they kept the away party member in RED!

Sr. Erin and I laughed, gasped, whispered questions, and totally enjoyed the show. We even watched a good portion of the credits to match vaguely familar faces with names. Neither of us could believe that it was already 9:30! The movie had reached out and grabbed us and left wanting to watch again. In fact, I'm going tomorrow afternoon with several of the Sisters from our Monastery.

I give it two thumbs up!


Lisa said...

totally agree with you dear. it was a nice balance of old and new. even the hard core trekie i had with me loved it.

Sister Carol Jean said...

Dear Lisa, I enjoyed the second viewing as much as the first. This second time I noticed the style of camera work was similar to the original series, and there was a great joke by Scotty that included Admiral ARCHER'S prize BEAGLE! HA!

Lisa said...

i really must be a baby trekie, because i totally didn't get the beagle joke. but i saw that scottie did have tribbles for a pet in the back ground.