Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Amazing Sites To See


I am excited for a day of indoor class with Sr. Kym Monastic Life Before the Rule of Benedict. The Roman city scape, religious and secular tour sites, and last two days of travel have been amazing for this small town girl.

I am proud to say I did not get lost on the train, tram, or metro! In fact, I was able to navigate all fairly well and pretended an attitude of boredom on the metro especially to avoid looking too much like hick in the big city. I did have one moment of confusion...the train and tram tickets are validated with a slot at the top of this small box; however, the metro validates the ticket using a similar shaped box, but you enter the ticket on the opposite side. It took me a few moments to refigure this in my head, but long enough to get an impatient Italian comment or two from behind me. So far, the train is my favorite way to travel, the metro is too hot, crowded, and a bit smelly for my taste...still, it is reasonably priced and quick to get from place to place.

Monday we saw San Crisogono and the remains of the Basillica below the church and San Benedetto Chapel with Benedict's cell. I have one word...WOW! The remains of the old Basillica were amazing to me; the old bapistry is now cleared and new frescos are able to be seen. The little chapel of San Benedetto had hosted a celebration for St. Rita a few days before we came to see the cell, but she was still at the front of the chapel enshrined with roses with offerings of little breads at her feet. I was sure to take a few pictures and a prayer card plus light a candle for my niece Rita Ann (Lisa's oldest). We were lucky to see two newly returned images of a young Benedict while touring there.

Yesterday, we walked about the Roman Forum and the English teacher in me had to take pictures of Caesar's pavement and the grand steps where Anthony's speech might have been! Unfortunately, the Mamertine Prison was closed for repair or work or some-such thing. We hiked on to the Basillica of Sts. Cosmos and Damian; there we were affored the special trip to the crypt of the old church. There the bones from other catacombs are kept as well as all the relics from not only Cosmos and Damian, but all of their family as well. There was a particularly lovely fresco of the two saints with Our Lady so I snapped a pictures to take home with us. Finally, we wandered around the colusseum before taking the metro home. Maribeth read (pontificated) from her Rick Steves book while Erin and I looked about at all the sights and watched out for pick pockets.

All in all it has been very amazing!

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