Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monastic Service


While I continue to seek a teaching position in area high schools, I have been reminded that there is more than one way to serve my monastic community.

My day has a rhythm to its horarium that I missed while we were in Rome. The day begins with the Liturgy of the Hours and Mass; the remainder of the morning is given to various works around the monastery. Yesterday, I helped our 'retired' sisters prepare vegetables and fruits from our garden. We pared fresh kohlrabi for the kitchen to cut and steam for supper before sorting through two large boxes of lettuce and Swiss chard. Finally, we picked over a couple gallons of gooseberries!

I love the berries, but they are a labor of love. Our sister Rosina Ann did the trickiest part, picking the berries from the thorn covered bushes. We joking call them "martyr's row"; each reach into the bushes can result in scratches and pokes to sister's fingers and arms! However, she covered up with long-sleeved flannels and gloves and picked more than a few gallons of the little berries. Our kitchen prep group took the next step with picking the berries clean of little stems and flowers. The berry itself has a wonderful sour~tart bite to it while raw or sauced or in a jam or cooked in a pie! Hmmm...

After lunch and noon praise, my afternoon continues with service to the community by continuing to seek for teaching positions. I rework the resume & cover letter and look for connections online and through my contacts in other schools. The horarium wraps up with vespers, supper, and time to visit with our sisters who have been ministering in other areas during the day.

It's good to be home.

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