Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advent Begins with HOPE!

Happy Advent,

Today is the beginning of my favorite Church season. Advent's hope-filled waiting and melodies have always been a time when I find the most peace in the music, readings, and prayer of the season. The music of the monastery's chant is a bit more simple in both rhythm and melody which brings out the harmony of voices, Isaiah calls out to us to be aware and look about for the Messiah of God, and the prayer of the Church and her people directs us to a new awareness. The new year has begun in hope, and I hope to keep this focus throughout the year.

We have set up our Advent Wreath here in our convent apartment. The candles in a spiraling brass stand, set off with a few faux greens and a purple sash, but an Advent Wreath nonetheless, and our only decoration until we reach Christmas! As the lights climb, I hope that you will all be filled with the hope of this new season as well!


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Anonymous said...

This site looks great for Advent! The icon of Our Lady of The New Advent is lovely, the wreath and the flamed candles are a nice touch, and prayers are always helpful, especially in a time of preparation. Perhaps one thing that I would change would be to rearrange the "Liturgical Update" to be further upward on the page, but dismiss this comment if you want, for it's only a small thought. One regret about this site, however, remains to me, and that is that I found it during the I fourth week of the season.