Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday


Good Friday has always been sad for me.  A day we focus on our loss and that of the disciples through the Passion of Jesus.  Growing up, it was a day we fasted even as children, we knew the day was different.  Here at the monastery the feeling deepened...a sense of sorrow for Christ whom I followed to our Benedictine life.

During our Good Friday silence, I took the opportunity to pray the Stations of the Cross or Sorrowful Way through our back lawn and cemetery.  I was struck by the same thought over and over as I progressed through the prayer...this is all about love.  Jesus love for us and our love for him.  

Jesus willingness to give all out of love for us in his accepting the cross.  The open exchange of love between Jesus and Mary on the road.  The desire of Jesus to offer love to the women who only desired to love him and Veronica's brave love to care for him on the road.  Even the falls were signs of love; what else could have given him the strength to rise again and again.  When Jesus had given his all for love of us, those who loved him continued the lessons of love.  Mary and faithful lovingly gathering his body from the cross.  Joseph and Nicodemus reach out in love through their tradition in the careful and tender burial of Jesus.  The expressions of love caught my heart as I continued down the Way.

So today is Good.  Yes, there is sorrow, but it is because we love.  Good Friday, a day to celebrate and comemmorate our gift of Love Himself.


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