Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weary Lenten Traveler


I've all heard that Lent is a journey of faith, and I'm one weary traveler.  Worn out and tired from not only the spiritual journey and penances but also wrung out from the springtime demands of teaching.  It is a good weary, born from inspired struggle with the Lord and intellectual struggle with academics.

The readings at Mass as well as our continuous readings from Deuteronomy and Ezekiel during our Liturgy of the Hours have had a common focus for me...Do you see what you're doing?...Ah, the Lord inspiring me to struggle with the daily challenges of how I live who we are, who I am as a Benedictine Sister.  This hasn't led to a relaxing, laid back waiting for the Lord; instead, the journey has felt a bit like an uphill hike to get to Triduum.  All along the way, Christ has been calling me to shed the extra baggage, to let go of what is no longer needed.

My ministry has been developed into new demands as well this spring.  The curriculum is changing so new textbooks are needed, the accreditation board is looming and so rewriting of documents and protocol needs to happen, the students are strive academically and challenge me (in a good way) to keep learning-researching-discovering new ways to present the information.  All of this requires outside research, meetings for collaboration, and a willingness to simply keep learning. These are all amazing gifts, but 'whew,' this jog to keep up in the classroom has me a bit winded and ready to go home to the monastery.

Tomorrow, Triduum begins with all of our monastic traditions, Church liturgies, and sacred commemorations.  Tomorrow, I wake up in the monastery, home with my sisters to celebrate those mysteries central to our Faith called by the bells and my sisters to deeper prayer.  Tomorrow, the journey gives way to the destination and a place to rest with my community and our Lord.


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