Sunday, December 7, 2008

Advent Choirs


I celebrated Advent with a concert of Christmas music at the University. The music department collaborated to provide a 'sampling' of voices and instruments. The concert began with the Gospel Choir singing "Now Behold the Lamb" & "You Are the Living Word". Both pieces were beautiful! The voices were so rich and blended amazingly well that the sound seemed to envelop you. The University Chorus performed next with a trio of pieces. "Children, Go Where I send Thee" has always been a personal favorite of mine, I had to hum along with the choir. They followed it with a piece in Spanish. The last selection was a humorous bit based on "The Twelve Days of Christmas", but it combines a variety of different church and secular Christmas tunes. The Orchestra and Symphonic Band each played two selections as well.

It was nice to take a bit of time to just enjoy the music and the day. I loved all the Christmas music! Since I have forgotten my Christmas CD's at home, I appreciated the choirs and bands all the more! The final treat was playing outside when we left the concert. The University's very own carillonneur was playing Christmas music on the "Tower Carillion". Apparently, this tower bell music isn't played by automatic computer, but a musician pulling ropes and levers to ring the bells for the song. Very impressive exit music.

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