Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nearing Christmas


The Monastery has begun the decorating, baking, and overall preparation for Christmas. Just in case you're wondering if I've been lazing about while on break for school...here has been my time at home.

I've been tapped on the shoulder (and willingly volunteered) to put up trees all about the house. The care center tree was the most fun with the assistance of our elderly sisters. Another day I joined the bakery in preparing Christmas cookies. The morning included the particulary tempting peanut butter blossom cookies (with the hershey kiss in the center). This year the sisters joined the prision ministry in creating Christmas bags of goodies for the state prisons in our area. The assembly line was well organized! There was also general work like cleaning the Chapel and driving to meet other sisters coming home for Christmas.

My favorite job was decorating the hallway past the dinning room to the care center Chapel! Three boxes of red, green, blue, gold, and white satin balls were pinned to the ceiling. I did the pinning from a scaffolding while Sr. Kara "pushed me around". Sisters and staff wandering the hall offered a diverse panel of advice...some love it and others wished we had forgotten. But I love them!

Last night, sisters gathered in the Chapel to assemble trees for the gathering space and the sactuary. We also arranged the smaller wooden crib for Christmas this year. The greenery and poinsettas warmed and softened the space while the white lights brought in the 'stary' effect. It's beautiful...Christmas is upon us.


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