Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Work and Play


The papers have been written and the power point set for the final presentation! I've even completed the reflections about how each of the classes has changed the way I look at teaching...ahem..."(insert course title here) has truly changed how I will approach the classroom when I return to teaching". There is still a presentation on Thursday. Since the group didn't want to plan too early, we are finalizing our 50 minute presentation tonight. I'm a bit uncertain about the time delay, so I have my handout, power point, and evaluation of the whole event already typed up and ready to go.

All of this preparation has left me with time to play some cards! Hand and Foot Folk! I have some crazy rules for you! I've been learning how to play Franciscan style! The game takes about an hour and a half minimum and you find yourself with a mighty fistful of cards the last two or three hands. It was fun to take time to play for a while. But quite quiet...they take their card playing seriously!

  • Play until someone reaches 10,000
  • Points needed to lay down depends on how high your score is
  • 100 start
  • 150 after the player has passed 2,000
  • 200 after the player has passed 4,000
  • 250 after the player has passed 6,000
  • 300 after the player has passed 8,000
  • General card point values remained the same
  • No picking up the pile for a desired card
  • 13 cards in the hand/foot
  • 2 bonus cards (not bonus points) for counting out exactly 13 cards

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