Thursday, March 5, 2009

Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu


I happened to be reading late last night and decided to watch a bit of Craig Ferguson's comedy monologue before bed. You'll never guess who was on the Late Late Show! Arch Bishop Tutu...the real one! He was the ONLY guest of the show that night. He was wonderful. The whole episode won't be online until next week, but they do have a short clip about forgiveness and another about Obama's presidency.

It was an interesting evening...Craig did a quick education about the events in South Africa (the Dutch and the British) from the Scottish point of view. Then he reminded everyone to be good while the Father Tutu was there. Tutu himself was delightful. Insightful, touching, and yet telling little jokes along the way. Facinating way to educate the late night crowd of college kids and nuns who are up too late.


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