Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Yesterday, the sun shone and the breeze off the lake was cool, it was a gorgeous 75 degrees! Campus was humming! Every square inch of green space had students throwing baseballs, frizbees, or footballs. There were games of whiffle ball or whiffle golf all over the place. Plus it was St. Patrick's day--all were decked out in their finest varieties of green for the festive occasion.

I had to hide myself away in an interior room at the library. Even then the warm weather seemed to distract me with the occasional student who would wander past in flip-flops. It has been very hard to keep time on task lately. Not that I don't have tasks to be working on...but the birds are singing and undergrads are laughing and I'm stuck with a research area I can't find solid articles to back up. (SIGH)


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