Monday, June 29, 2009

Frugle Error


Well, I have deep wisdom to share with all students. Don't use standard shipping to save a few or even alot of money. When a professor decides to 'save' you money and 'lets' you order all your textbooks online, buy new from the company and pay extra for the fast delivery. Because the resale folk really mean 7-14 Days when they say it; in fact, they lean toward the 14 days.

A week before the course was to begin, I checked my school e-mail (thank God). There the new teacher (an M.A. on her way to a Ph.D.) requested we get our books online and gave us all the info to do so without a problem. In theory, I have no problem with this arrangement, except it can take up to TWO WEEKS to get your books through an online server. Ah, well...I can count myself lucky. Another of my classmates just let me know she had been on vacation when the suggestion was sent out and hopes to copy my book until hers can arrive.

Right now I am sending up silent prayers that God may guide the U.S. Postal Service with speed and efficiancy right to my doorstep!

I love school,


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