Friday, June 26, 2009

Over Hill & Dale


I have returned to the big city and now await my class in "Practitioner Research Methods".

The drive up was uneventful but intersting. Wednesday night prefaced the drive with a series of thunderstorms, tornados, and lightning strikes. Thursday's drive was full of vacationers that actually followed the speed limit--until I got to Madison area. There I encountered a variety of tourists, Chicago commuters, and town-folk. I'd never been cut off by a pickup pulling a camper and car before. When I finally drove clear of the area, I needed a Coke before continuing on my way.

As I neared the city, the traffic got a bit zooier...the Brewers game was over and those fans merged into traffic with the Summerfest fair-goers. The only blessing was another drivers curse. She had made it to the edge of the road and was standing a few steps ahead of her car, talking on the phone and guesturing wildly while three lanes of traffic all pulled into the far lane to avoid the SMOKE BILLOWING OUT FROM UNDER HER HOOD! Not steam, no no no...SMOKE! Thank God, I was heading East and not West!

Along the way, I stopped for lunch and chatter with Nettie (hello dear). It was great to catch up and see the kiddos. The baby is quite the cuddler!

So try to get my business in order and prepare for summer coursework and my last year of school.


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