Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sweet Corn


The sisters had picked over 140 bushels of sweet corn! The farmer who rents our land always plants some easily accessible rows so we can gather ears for the monastery. This year the small group of sisters was enhanced by our new chaplain and possibly a student from college.

The bushels of corn were immediately enjoyed on the ear, but much of it needed to be prepared for freezing. Shucking parties were held in the afternoons. Then the gardening sisters, both Sr. Virginia and myself, were moved to the indoors to scrub the corn clean of its stringy silks. Finally, two separate evening corn cutting parties were held. It may sound surprising, but it when we gather to cut the corn we have a good time together.

It is amazing how quickly we all fall into jobs on these corn nights. Most of the sisters join the group of corn cutters. However, some choose to pack the five pound tins of corn with cling wrap and tin foil. Sr. Henrietta, one of our elders, keeps deciding year by year if she can help out and there she was this year, sealing the final tinfoil layer. Sr. Carmy came back from preparing her classroom to help carry away the empty cobs and haul them out to the field. The first night we prepared 65 pans of corn for the freezer and the second we completed 48 pans...each a was five pounds of corn! So in total we have over 565 pounds of corn for the year! Whoo-Hoo! The Benefits of Community!


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