Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where Did Summer Go?


I'm pondering where summer went. Tomorrow I will begin the Fall session at University. This semester is overshadowed by two classes that sound quite academic. I have the Research Practicum Course, during which time I will need to conduct and evaluate my own research gathered at a local educational institution. Please pray for me on Friday, that is when I will meet with the principal and induction coordinator to decide if I can investigate their first year teachers. The other 'big' course is the History of Education (yawn). However, I am told by my advisor that the professor is one of the most brilliant minds on campus. I'm not sure if this is a comfort or makes me a bit more nervous about the expectations/work load. I am taking a third course purely out of interest and for an elective. Differentiated Education for the Exceptional do we teach all the different ability levels in the same room. This is a situation I know will occur in my classroom when I return to teaching, and I also know that any review and support in this area will help any Children of God I may have in the future. for interest and two for requirements.

I'm still wondering where summer went. It isn't just the fact that school is beginning again that leads me to ponder this question. The weather here has been a bit loopy for August. Last night it was in the LOW 50's! Some places even dropped into the 40's. I know folk talk about the lake affect here and all, but that is a bit extreme for August! The warmest day since I've returned has been in the mid-70's! I've been in long sleeves! I've even broke out my fuzzy blanket for reading in a comfy chair! Crazy. I never thought I'd wonder where those dog days of summer have gone.

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Lisa said...

The history of education for you sounds about as interesting as a history of magic for ron and harry. maybe the teacher will be just as 'brilliant'.