Sunday, February 7, 2010

Got A Mop?


My quiet Sunday of prayer, reflection, and a little bit of laundry turned into a three ring circus! I just happened to be upstairs by the laundry room when my blacks & blue jeans hit the spin cycle and water started spouting out all over the place! The washing machine drains into a utility sink and the water was overflowing from the top of the covered sink and out of its side as well. I quickly tossed open the lid on the washer and plunged my hand into the water to find the overflow. I found the overflow and stopped it; then I put my other hand into the murkey water to find why the sink was plugged.

Did you know that some washers have a steel mesh sock type strainer at the end of the hose? And that strainer can get clogged with lint...ewww...I was very glad that no one was home to hear me screech! The water began to drain and I was able to turn my attention to the flooded laundry room. I tossed on my flannel sheets on the growing puddle of water and ran upstairs to find more towels to sop up the mess. After I dropped those over more of the water, I started to look for a mop...the sisters stored them outside in the garage. The clean up wasn't too bad once I got the rugs outside to drip-freeze, mopped up the water, and found some rags to wipe the floor dry as I could.

Well, the floor is clean and so are my clothes!

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