Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New Find


Sister OSF popped into my studies this morning with a good idea. "Let's go out for lunch today, I have two for one coupon for this little place over on Silver Spring." I am always open to a lunch out and had been curious about the little diner.

Irina's Kitchen was a wonderful surprise! There was a wonderful variety of sandwiches (we just missed the breakfast special that boasted Bailey's Irish Cream French Toast) and I found my favorite...Hot tuna with cheese. As the co-owner and waitress took our orders, she corrected my request for 'grilled tuna on white'. "I would recommend the pumpernickel and Swiss, it is better here," she shared in Ukrainian accented English. I'm glad I listened to was great. The bread, cheese, tuna salad were perfect partners in a sandwich I wouldn't have ordered without her help.

The next time I go (WHEN not IF), I plan on being there in time for breakfast. It could been sooner than later if I hear tell of the return of that Irish Cream French Toast. I'm also adding this to my list of 'outings' for visiting Sisters, family, and friends.

Now, I must return to the pages and papers that await me!


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