Friday, March 25, 2011

Chapter of What???


Our service to high school boys has been keeping me on the go! I have been trying to keep a few days ahead of my fast thinking Junior Boys and energetic Freshmen while writing out my curriculum and reading up on the theology framework changes that will be implemented in just a year. On top of it all, I've begun planning for my absence at school for our Chapter of Election. (How did it get to be only a week away?)

I recently sent out my e-mail all-call for help in filling my class times during my absence. Without thinking, I simply named my reason for being gone as our Chapter of Election. The first e-mail noted my lack of clarification by responding with the subject heading "Chapter of What???" Ah...this needed a bit of explanation.

The folk here were amazed at the process, time, and prayer that we spend on choosing our Prioress! They were even more surprised to learn that not only do all of us have a vote and voice in the election, but that so many of us are eligible for nomination by our peers. I kept returning to Benedict's recommendation that all the members of the community be gathered for important decisions so that all the wisdom from the eldest to youngest could be heard. The Junior boys thought this was a great idea and wanted to know if they could "send in" recommendations too; I reminded them this was a 'members only' meeting.

All have promised to keep us in prayer during the discernment. In this manner, I've asked them to petition Our Lady, Maria of Rickenbach...a good way of sharing our Swiss connection and prayer all at the same time.


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