Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Break...and Bingo


Happy feast of Saints Perpetua and Felicity! Women who bravely claimed the name Christian when threatened with death. The noblewoman and her serving girl were both mothers, or soon to be so, and knew they would be leaving behind their children to the care of others in the love of the Lord. They are a reminder for me of the blessing I have had in my family and especially in how my parents have shared their faith over the years.

The one of the surprise blessings I have discovered at my new ministry is the gift of spring break. This is the first high school I've served at that plans for a week of time off during early March. This is how I find myself at home with my parents for a few days at the end of my 3rd quarter of school!

Sunday was time for Church, Brunch, grocery shopping, and bingo! The parent association at our elementary school was holding a fundraiser and social gathering, and Dad and I dragged Mom off to play some bingo. Six dollars bought you one card for twenty games of bingo. The space was filled with old and young, alumns and parents, as well as friends old and new. I caught up with parents of classmates, met a few of my Dad's students, and greeted a few of the Church elders who were more than happy to see me home for break. Mom patiently waited through our twenty games while Dad played, silently bid on a few prizes, and considered buying raffle tickets...such a social butterfly. In the end, we won nothing but had a great time.

This time at home is wonderful. Time set aside to visit family and friends has long been a part of our community's tradition. Once, sisters could visit home every FIVE years! Now, we are allowed two weeks each year for vacation time. I usually break this up to a week during the summer, a few days over Christmas break, and now a few days over spring break. This helps me in the balance between my Community of Sisters and my family. Well, I'm off...Mom has tidbits to share from all the extended family news!


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