Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear God...what the heck!

Greetings, Well, Sisters, family, and friends be warned! God is laughing at Nebraska! One week ago it was over 70 degrees, last Tuesday we had tornadoes; then it got cold, wet and snowy for a couple days. All of the snow melted over the weekend, but is hovering just around 40 and SNOWING again! So, I return to my heading. Dear God what the heck is going on? The high school boys were a bit more despondent about the weather forecast. Apparently, snow isn't conducive to running miles of track, shooting trap, passing soccer balls or playing baseball, and they expressed this discontent all throughout the morning classes. I did greet them all cheerily and blessed their "good Monday mornings". I pointed out the beauty of the fluffy snow against the evergreens on the school and monastery grounds. I considered (aloud) the blessing of the nutrients in the snow for the farmers fields. They listened a bit grumpily, and decided that they still weren't happy about the snow. I may be befuddled by it, but watching it now outside of our convent is lovely. Blessings,

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