Friday, October 10, 2008



Before I left O'G, one of my freshman boys came to the brilliant realization that Sr. Carol Jean was going to be a freshman when she went to school. I debated this idea fiercely--I inisisted I was a first year student and NOT a freshman. However, I have just turned in my first of many papers due this second half of my first semester back at school, and now I am willing to admit. I am a freshman.

Pray folks, pray.

On the up-side, the small group presentations I'm working with have great senses of humor! One of the groups has chosen to hold meetings at the campus Starbucks! Those who know me know this is a coffee haven! Even of the members works at another Starbucks and buys the beverages for a cool 30% off :) As we plan our "Multicultural Curriculum" presentation, we sip our coffees, laugh about events of the week, and every now and then talk about the online discussions of the class (this whole class is conducted online). I try to remind them that my karma is not good and that one of those folk could be in the building at any time. They don't believe me--yet.

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