Monday, October 20, 2008



Well, my luck has run off with the rain. A week ago I dashed to school to
meet with a librarian. It was cloudy but I foolishly left my umbrella in the car. By the time I left the library the rain was coming down steadily...not pouring, but I was not going to make it to my car dry. I was moving along quickly and doing fine, until I started to cross Wisconsin Ave.

The four lanes of traffic stop for students and I wasn't worried about being run over. I was worried about the rain and the laptop in my backpack! As I crossed the street, my shoe slipped and I ended up on my knees with my coffee tumbler rolling away from me. Apparently, the paint used to mark the road with lines and other traffic symbols is slippery when wet. Fortunately or Not, I was surrounded by a whole gaggle of helpful kiddos on their way to class. One young man, seriously he looked all of 12, was worried as he helped me up, "Ma'am are you okay? Do you need anything?" I assured him that the only wound was my pride. Another guy returned my coffee cup and asked if I had lost anything else. I thanked everyone and ran (more carefully) for the parking structure that was only a block away!

That was last was raining again today as I ran a few morning errands on campus. Ahem, I don't know if I was born with no luck or if it has washed off in the Milwaukee rain, but I slipped again. This time I righted myself before I met the pavement! Then I headed right home...I don't plan on leaving until it is dry.

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