Friday, October 24, 2008

A Room with a View


I moved my laptop upstairs today. I've seen searching the universtiy library systems for journals and books about the analysis and improvement of writing by the African American right! Actually, it is interesting, but the basement office was a bit dreary.

So there I was, sitting by a lovely south bay window, researching quite diligently when a sudden movement caught my eye. A fluffy squirrel peaked from under my car. They are quite cute here...a light gray cast to their coats with only a slight hint of brown beneath. This little gal was also quite busy with her winter preparations. She darted from under my car to the front flower bed of the house, then she crept to the corner by the stair and burried her cache. Suddenly she was off again! This process has been going on about 15 minutes now...there must be a walnut tree nearby. No matter where she is coming from, the approach to the house is the same. She is so cautious with her fluffy gray tail flitting. It has been a good break from the computer screen.

Also outside the south window is a whole neighborhood of color! Many of the trees have kept their leaves through the recent wind and rain. Now they are even brighter golds, reds, and oranges. The family across the street has a whole row of neat little burning bushes all bright red. And for today, the streets are clear of leaves and debries. A truck with a huge hose came along and sucked them up like some great vaccuum cleaner! So the area is quite picturesque.


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