Friday, October 31, 2008



Halloween has finally arrived. My favorite holiday for classroom decoration and fun bonus games with students! Plus it gave me a chance to wear my tiara at school...hmmm, maybe I should wear it while I cook supper tonight? Who knows it could inspire some abstract writing this afternoon as well...back to Halloween. I love how kids (and parents) delve into their imagination and play dress up for a night. I also find it a great neighborhood celebration when I've gone door to door with my neices and nephews. Here in the city the neighborhoods did their trick-or-treating last Sunday afternoon. So, there will be no little goblins at our door tonight.

However, this Halloween is not quite as festive...I'll be doing homework...Scary isn't it! I do plan on watching a scary movie or two while I answer classmates in my on-line class. But the really spooky part of the semester is sneaking up on me.

I have final papers starting to loom in the distance. Foundations of Curriculum wants me to evaluate a curriculum I know and have used through showing examples of the curriculum, student work, interviews, and a 10 page paper (not too bad); Thories of Learning wants a 20 minute presentation advocating a school wide change based on a learning theory researched in 12 articles (I'm supposed to write a one page abstract for each) and explained in a 6 page paper; and Learning in a Diverse Society would like a 15 page paper explaining a current bias against a segment of the diverse population and suggestions on how to overcome the bias.

A month ago I was more worried about these all landing within the same week of each other for final assignments. Then I finally received some grades for my earlier papers. Apparently, I do have a clue about some of the writing and research. My teachers have been positive about what I have written as well as how I write for class...this is a huge relief to me and makes these next assignments alittle less daunting. It also helps that I realized I can use the same topic for the two bigger assignments! Culturally Relevant education can fit both as a learning theory and as a change in how teachers overcome bias! Yippee!

I hope everyone has a great Halloween! Celebrate a little...

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