Friday, April 17, 2009

An Author In The Family


My sister entered a contest at "The Week" with a pithy (well alittle snarky) new slogan for Canada! The following lists the First through Honorable Mention...Joy is one of the honorable!

FIRST PRIZE: Canada: It’s Almost Like a Foreign Country! Lera
SECOND PRIZE: Canada: Just Like the United States, Only Cooler. Marc
THIRD PRIZE: One part England, one part France.It’s cold up here, so wear warm pants.Dave
Honorable mentions:
We’re Not The United States but We’re Darn Close. Ross
Canada: Where Your Cold Front Begins. Mark
The Other Mexico. Gordon
Canada: Where Winter Spends the Summer. John and Susan
Come Catch Our Cold! Jeremy

Come For the Bacon, Stay for the Healthcare! Joy Larson, Groton, SD
World’s Longest Undefended Border—What’s Stopping You? Joseph
Canada: Where Socialism Doesn’t Mean You Have to be Social. Betty
We’re Not Called “Can’tada,” Are We? Derek
Canada: It’s Not Just for Draft-Dodgers Anymore. Daren


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