Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Thursday


I am very unsuccessfully reading and rereading the same article about teacher induction. It is the beginning of Triduum, my parents are driving out to spend Easter weekend with me, and I'm missing our Community celebrations of Holy Week.

Last night I attended a Tenebrae service at the parish. I had always enjoyed Fr. Mike Griffin's Tenebrae...he chanted part of the Lamentations, we joined for part of the "Jerusalem...", there was also a good balance of Isaiah's Suffering Servant and the Passion accounts as well as responses from the Psalms. It all combined to create a very solemn beginning of the Triduum. I was a bit disappointed with the service here. I've been liturgically spoiled at home and I now realize it. The reading were all from the Passion accounts with a kind of self reflection response from an unidentified author (not so bad) but all the responses were from very general chorus parts from the music missal. Not bad for a parish, actually probably enriching for the parish, but not much substance in all.

I am guessing that right now at the Monastery there is a quiet flurry of preparation. The Chapter room is being prepared for the foot washing prayer service, the dinning room is all set for our Agape Supper, the Chapel has been newly cleaned and the Peace Chapel is being reorganized for the Reservation until Holy Saturday. There have been choir practices, lector practices, and maybe even practice for the candle carrier. I have to admit; I miss it. I miss our smells and bells of Holy Week and Triduum. I also miss our quiet reflection during these days. The house is so full of prayerful expectation and joy held in check for the Easter Alleluias. I never noticed it until now...

My homesickness is balanced out with joy at my parents' arrival this afternoon! I am excited to show them around the University and my own little corner of the city. The sisters are so generous in welcoming any guests I might bring home. They are even more interested to meet my mom...she is bringing her travel massage bed per request of her daughter. I have a few sight seeing trips planned to share part of my experience with them. We'll see the Holy Hill Chapel, drive down along the lake to get a superior cup of coffee, and stop in at the Motherhouse. I may even show them where I was also considering to live; it'll make them appreciate the suburbs more.

Well, I need to return to my paper littered desk and reapply my efforts at finishing up some reading before my parents arrive.


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