Monday, April 20, 2009

College Fashion?


Saturday, the sun warmed us to the cozy 70's. Sunday, the April showers began in earnest. Today, the rains continued and showcased a new fashion statement. Most of the fashionable ladies about University were sporting rain boots. Yes, mid-calf rubber boots in the most delightful array of colors! I believe the local Greek houses were responsible for the prevalence of pink boots, but a whole variety of designs and hues were represented. Most of the ladies sported the boots with a sweatshirt with the hoodie up and no umbrella--apparently, they're a fashion no-no.

What did I wear? It's over 50 degrees, so I have returned to my Birkenstocks sans stockings. I paired them with a black umbrella with rainbow polka dots and black Avera raincoat from last Spring's Minneapolis meeting.


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