Saturday, July 11, 2009

Celebrate The Feast of St. Benedict!


Happy Feastday to all the Benedictines at home and abroad! The day is celebrating with me here in the East. There was a small rain (Scholastica) and now the sun is shinning bright with a gorgeous blue sky. It was a wonderful morning for a walk about the neighborhood.

Later, I will treat the Franciscans to dinner out on this Feastday. We will most likely go to the Cheesecake Factory that is just down the road. It won't quite compare to the steak and peacan pie that was served at the Monatery last night, but it'll do. We'll have wine and cheese to start with a toast to absent Sisters.

I also prepared some prayer using our Vespers booklet for the Feast of Benedict. Glen (copier helper) at Kinkos was very good natured about my questions and requests in making the short liturgy aide. He had a few questions of his own as he help me...apparently they don't get many nuns copying prayer booklets at his store.

Once I made the copies, I realized I needed to add notes for responses and such because their prayer style greatly differs from ours in some ways. However, the Franciscans are good sports and want me to make our prayer tonight as "Benedictine" as possible...So, I have arranged some liturgical environment for our prayer. It's quite a nice arrangement of plant, gold cloth, and an icon of Benedict if I do say so myself. A candle and my copy of the Rule will finish it off very neatly. I won't make them chant the psalms tonight, but we may have to try the Magnificat.

School works its way into the Feastday as well. While I'm working on my IRB (online research approval quiz), I'm listening to the prayer podcasts from the Benedictine Sisters of P.A. at Clyde. When I finally finsih this online reading and quiz to show I am an ethical and responsible researcher at the University, I get to read more about structuring qualitative research and write a rough draft of a proposal for research I'll share with another student in the class. The course is getting better, but I just feel like I'm always a day late and a dollar short even though I'm working ahead as much as I can. There is just so much "new" in this area.


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