Monday, July 27, 2009

An Hour Lost...


Okay, I have long ago accepted that I am an English geek or book geek. I started reading book geek novels in grade school and it only increased in high school and college. Yes, there have been a few deviations from that path (Harry Potter) but by and large I've always loved the classics of American and British literature. I even passed my dismal junior high grammar class by reading and writing reports about Jane Eyre. Early novels that I loved included tales from The Odyssey and Arthurian Legends. Okay, now that you've been given this preface, I hope you understand my irritation as explained below.

I decided to watch a new NBC show "Merlin" as my morning break in reading. At first I found the deviations from the legends okay, but by the end of the episode I was irked! (Sigh) Prince Arthur has a same age servant Merlin who is just learning magic from Gius the castle physician. Lady Morgana is a lovely young ward of the King and doesn't know she is supposed to be an evil sorceress; her serving lady is Gwen (yup, she doesn't even get her full name). It's become a Middle Ages version of 90210 starring Merlin...Arthur is more of a side kick! However, all this I could handle until they reached the end of the episode. They had saved a young Druid boy from being executed and just as Arthur sets him free he asks the boy his name. Mordred. Oh please, I'm done! I love the legends more than NBC...I just lost an hour.

One more thought. I called Joy to tell her of this travesty and we began to think of how we could miscast all of Harry Potter...What if we needed more young handsome folk to sell the series? What if....Dumbledore was Colin Firth and Voldemort was Hugh Grant? What if...they needed a young Minerva McGonagall such as Kira Knightley? He, He, He, He....We envisioned the battles between Dumbledore and Voldemort occurring over tea with much apologizing and mumbling over crumpets. It made us both chuckle. Just a thought...

Any thoughts on who else we should miss-cast into the show? Remember, they would need to be British or at least European for the cast.


PS...Have a great day of Chapter Meetings Sisters!

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Sister Carol Jean said...

Oh, I have another addition! Consider a young dashing Rufus Scrimgeour...Daniel Craig (007).