Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monastery Retreat

Greetings Sisters,

I hope that the Community Retreat at the Monastery has started well! I checked my calendar this morning and was reminded that you were all beginning the retreat at home! While I hope for all the best for each of you, I am sad that I won't be home to join you. So, I will keep the house in prayer as you gather this week.

This week my classmate and I will be beginning the field research at a nearby Catholic high school. We will be observing a recovery math course; there are three different sections of 8-12 students each...we will watch the last course which were the greatest strugglers during the school year. I am hoping that after observing and interviewing students for this mini-study I will be able to return to the school for my second (longer) study in the fall.

We have to write-up a possible organization to prepare for our study this Fall. I'm going to piggy-back reading I've done in my Spring class on my continuing work in the Fall. Hopefully, the school will allow me to look into the first-year teachers' expectations in the induction process. Please pray that my write-up gets accepted so I may carry it out in the Fall!


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