Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Feast of The Nativity of Mary

Feastday Greetings,

In honor of the Feast and in memory of Sr. Theodore, I'm writing in Blessed Virgin Blue. It was her favorite color, Theodore's--not Mary's.

I had to chuckle a bit during prayer this morning. When I was a postulant and novice, I was asked (along with the junior sisters at the time) to prepare a birthday cake for Mary. We even frosted it in Blessed Virgin Blue. However, my accomplices dressed in fuchsia while serving the cake that day. They insisted that Mary would have worn hot pink...I'm not sure why.

I love this memory. Is it theologically sound to bake Mary a birthday cake and ponder if she would have worn blue or pink? Who cares! I like the community connection. As sisters gathered for cake and coffee, they shared how the community had celebrated (or not) this day when "they were a novice". Others teased us about the clash of the cake and outfit colors. But in general it was a good practice in learning about the community.

Happy Feastday everyone! Your in my thoughts and prayers!

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