Thursday, September 24, 2009


Life in the big city has been a bit of a whirlwind lately. A good whirlwind...Sr. Julie was in town for a week! She joined the house for room and board while attending a conference and then stayed on a few days so we could spend some time together. And before you ask...I did extra homework while she was at the conference so I could play without worry later.

The highlights of our playing tourist were the museum and the university. The house has season passes to the Milwaukee Art Museum, so we set aside Sunday afternoon to enjoy the creative nature of creation. We were treated to some interesting icons from different ages, quite a bit of work from 1500-1600 in portraits, but our favorite was Georgia O'Keefe's work. I fell in love with a beautiful painting of a river fall scene. The colors and movement reminded me of our view from the Riverview porch at home. I could have sat all day to take in the painting. However, the museum also houses quite a bit of modern artwork...and I admit freely that we don't have the training to appreciate this form. There were several that made us chuckle, but two took the cake. First, there was this large, black, bulbous shape done in a stiffened netting with a circular wooden trapdoor on top. It reminded me of a half melted jelly bean on steroids. Julie discovered a triptych of color that led to several quips about the Department of Motor Vehicles. This triptych was one solid yellow canvas, one blue, and one red; you couldn't even see brush strokes! Hmmm... So, we went back to Georgia's work and sat quietly for awhile.

Tuesday, I had class in the evening, but Julie volunteered to spend the day on campus with me and then putter about the library while I was in class. The day was a comedy of errors: coffee spilling down one's white shirt (a few times), pouring rain, and lost umbrellas. However, we had a very nice time in Joan of Arc Chapel (Julie loved the historical aspects) and a quiet respite at lunch in the coffee shop in the union building. Julie also found some good materials in the library as welll...I left her there with a quick orientation to the computer system, building layout, and my ID card to make any copies she might want.

It was good to have her here and spend some time together. But now I need to get back to the pattern of my school day. I've begun my observation/tutoring hours at Pius XI that is required for my class. It has been nice to see kids in action again. The school's resource room is only for students that have been accepted into their program for students learning disabilities. And the room? Well, fifth floor of course right above the band room on the south side of the building...quite warm and toasty right now with a constant soundtrack from below. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I was glad to be up there. I'm still working on getting into Messmer for my volunteer work that could go through the whole semester and into next semester. It is much closer, the kids come from a greater diversity of backgrounds, and there are folk I know who already work there. Plus, the commute would be so easy!

Well, I need to return to my history of education reading; it seems to be multiplying if I turn my back for too long.


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