Thursday, September 24, 2009



Sr. Marcia sent this on to me via her e-mail. I love it! My family has been practicing 'yoga' for years and we never knew it! Yup, I think we should add it to our Monastic practices.

“My friend Doug Wilson has developed a potent, new spiritual practice,” writes best-selling spiritual author and the founder of Bread for the Journey, Wayne Muller, in his book, Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest (Bantam, 1999). “He calls it Slotha Yoga. It consists of one simple precept: When you wake up, don’t get up. Stay in bed. Give yourself time to review your dreams. Notice how it feels to be in your body this morning. Do not be hurried by your impending responsibilities, but rather luxuriate in the softness of the bed covers. Watch how the light comes into the room today, read a little, daydream, wonder about breakfast.
“Many couples begin their Sabbath this way,” says Muller in this beautifully simple collection of gentle solutions to the “violent enterprise that a successful life has become.”


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Lisa said...

sloth yoga sounds better than 'having an affair with your pillow.' although mom's title is much more interesting.