Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Autumn Rain


Well, it is another gray, dreary day here in Milwaukee
. It has been overcast and drizzling since last night. Yes, we need the rain, and if truth be told I really enjoy the rain, but it does make morning expressway traffic a bit more interesting.

The 'observation' time at school this morning was very focused. I worked with one sophomore boy on what they call an MLA paper, but I actually had to ask him to go to the teacher to specify what exactly made it MLA. I didn't want to push to far into the MLA guidelines unless the teacher really wanted it. Turns out that MLA simply means a two resource paper...and no citation/bibliography guidelines were given, so I introduced the kiddo to the wonders of OWL by Purdue! Next, I sat with a sophomore girl as she thought through theology essay questions about human dignity. I didn't worry about the English aspect of it at all, but found that keeping her on the one train of thought was work enough.

The university blessed a new shrine and statue to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta today. As Fr. Jesuit prayed a blessing over the shrine he laughed, he thought God had quite taken care of the sprinkling of 'holy' water and that his few drops wouldn't do much better. The statue is very nice. It is the older Mother Teresa holding a small child in her arms. It was dug into a low hill and surrounded by a half-wall that will be perfect for students to sit on in the springtime. They also planted some ground cover type flowers that will come back every year and a few trees ... a very nice spot to be indeed.

Now, I must go. I have to evict an undergrad from my study space. Midterms are next week and you wouldn't believe all the students in the library! Even my little book corner in the back of the library has been invaded!


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