Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Midterm Mindsets


I am taking a break from my notes and books and outlines to write a note home. I have discovered the best way for me to maintain my sanity during busy times at university is to not read or think for awhile. It gives my mind time to clear from the fuzziness of too much information and not enough oxygen. It gives my imagination time to enjoy the cool air and interesting folk walking by. And most importantly, my attitude in general has time to return to a good-natured humor after academic distraction.

This importance was lost on me until I noticed the folk around me. Not just the stressed out undergrads, but some returning learners as well. Ladies and Gents trudging across campus (or library) with their hair awry or pulled up in a questionable knot, coffee cup in hand, and eyes bleary from late nights, small print, and computer screens. Hmmm...I took a second look at my own practices and decided to promise myself regular breaks even if I was 'busy'.

Fun time has included: listening to bits of books on CD, reading chunks of P & P or Holmes, or watching a funny program online (Castle & Psych are my top two). I've also strolled about campus to enjoy the crisp air. To relax before particularly stressful class meetings, I might stop off at Joan of Arc Chapel or one of a few other quiet places I've found on campus to reflect a bit and sit in some silence. For those health buffs...I've also cut coffee & tea out after 3 o'clock. Instead I take hot water and add a bit of honey & cinnamon. I really don't want my eyes to glaze over with a caffeine haze during an interesting discussion in class.

Well, I should go. I actually have a midterm test at 4:30 tonight and I think some quite prayer might be called for before I tackle writing an essay encompassing the history of education in less than two hours.


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