Monday, October 12, 2009

Just a Quick Note


Just a quick note to all. Things are well here. I had two visitors from South Dakota in two days! Nick (former student & debater) was at Marquette for a Peace Conference. We met and I treated him to Alterra's coffee and the best darn grilled cheese I've ever had. This was a good thing since the kiddo is now a vegetarian. He is doing well at St. Thomas; currently, he trying to decide between a double or triple major...pray for his parents. The next day I met Jen and her beloved for supper down in Cudahy (other side of town). It was good to hear about the wedding plans, events going on in Sioux Falls, and Al's new teaching job in the city.

I'm doing well in my preparations for Dr. Lowe's midterm. I know I seem to be fretting over this, but the guy is sort of intimidating in the educational sense. Yes, we're learning alot, but its been quite circular and now Erica, Jennifer and I are trying to make it linear for easier essay writing on Wednesday night.

The world is awash in autumn colors here in Milwaukee. The trees are all starting to turn and the days are a lovely 40ish with cool breezes off the lake. I love autumn! The weather is perfect for walking (no bugs)! The only downer is the number of spiders now infiltrating my office space in the house basement.


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