Monday, October 26, 2009

The Family Monster Mash


I remember halloween being a great time growing up in small town South Dakota. Older kids dressed up in costume or if it was cold painted up faces and met friends to start walking through town in search of treats. Little ones dressed up too and walked with parents around a few blocks. If you were lucky, you caught a ride with a friend who lived out of town and rode around in the back of a pickup to stop in at a few farmhouses...they gave regular size candybars not just those 'fun' size things or wonderful homemade popcorn balls.

In high school toilet papering was the sport of the night. Even geeks like me joined in occassionaly, but it was an interactive sport and you needed to see well in the dark and move fast if the teacher or principal came out their door. However, I always found the pumpkin smashing that accompanied the toilet papering very sad. Not only do I love the color and festiveness of the pumpkins and the designs the kiddos would carve into their faces, but there is also a horrible mess when you smash them.

Still, I loved halloween as a kiddo. My family still celebrates halloween as a night to dress up and have some fun. Both my sisters help their kids either make or find costumes, go trick-or-treating, and maybe even to a school or town halloween party or two. Me? I have kept a few items that are not technically 'costumes' to wear to school on my favorite secular holiday :) tiara, star trek communicator pin, headband with cat ears, and a few clothing items such as orange/black stripped tights and an orange scarf...I loved to play dress up as a kid and I always will.

I've also embedded a Halloween video from my sister Joy and her family to all her family and friends. It was just too good to not share with my sisters, family, and friends too!

Mad Scientist=Shyla
Frankenstien Monster=Dad
Wife of Frankenstien=Mom
Wolfman=Cade (Twin 2)
Vampire=Tate (Twin 1)


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