Sunday, April 4, 2010

Celebrating Baptism


Last night's Easter Vigil was long but wonderful. We celebrated 7 Baptisms in the parish! There were two adult men, a 4th grade boy, and a mom with her three children (one 3rd grade boy, one 2nd grade girl, and a little kindergarten girl). I had never shared in the celebration of an adult Baptism, but to celebrate 7 was amazing. They processed into the church dressed with one of the simple cream colored robes of the altar servers.

The parish had just installed a new Baptismal font. The square basin is raised up about 4 feet or so and runs over the edge into a pool that is approximately 3 feet wide by 5 feet long and 1 1/2 foot deep (or so). Father stood in the pool as he blessed the water and then called each of the Catechumen up the two steps and down into the pool. Then Catechumen knelt in the water while Father poured water over their head in Baptism. As they stepped out of the water, the parish sang a Baptismal song of blessing over them. The two little girls were also anointed with the oils of Baptism while in the pool.

All the congregation was invited to process to the font and bless themselves...this gave the newly Baptised enough time to change into their "Easter Best". They processed back into the Church with brilliant white, knee length, light cowls over their dresses and suits. Except the little girls had changed into new white sundresses (too cute). Now they were all called up to the sanctuary along with the three elect joining the Church in Confirmation and Eucharist to receive a lighted candle and be anointed with the oils of confirmation. There was much singing during all of this and a few tears (I'm a softy) among the celebrants. It was a wonderful way to begin the Easter season.

It was a beautiful night of celebration.

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