Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grammar Daze


Today, the 6th grade teacher offered me a task that I felt prepared for...tutoring the boys in identifying direct & indirect objects and predicate nouns & adjectives. Yes! This I have done, this I can do! It felt good to settle in and play with some grammar in the classroom. I tried to make it less fearful, a little funny, and I admitted to my own failure (literally) in grammar as a middle schooler. However, it was more challenging that I anticipated.

The teacher had introduced and taught the concept the previous two days, but it was still elusive to many of the Latino gentlemen in the classroom. I was to review the basics with small groups of three or four and practice a few examples. My background in freshman English was very useful in finding funny examples and sharing my English-algebra equation (Sub + A.V. + I.O. + D.O.). But I could have used one more tool in my tutoring, Spanish.

I think that understanding Spanish would have been very useful today. Many of these basic parts of speech show up in both languages and could have helped the boys see how the D.O. and I.O. work in either situation. But alas, I am monolingual (with a smattering of sign language) and need to place Spanish on my "to do" list of courses coming up after I move.


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