Friday, January 7, 2011



I have traded in my two first semester sophomore classes for three second semester junior classes. A whole new batch of boys to learn about. The first week has gone made me chuckle.

As juniors, the boys have been clear about expressing their maturity over the other classes I have taught. The other classes are ONLY freshmen and sophomores, they are juniors. Okay, they have expressed a different form of focus and concentration. They also seem a bit more secure in their own personality and sense of self.

Today I assigned them to small groups to read small sections of the textbook and prepare the notes they want to give the class. The boys broke into their groups quickly, settled into the text with a little laughter and goofiness, but got down to work. I turned away to work on my computer for a moment, and when I turned back, at least one group in each of the three classes had assembled on the FLOOR! Yup, dress shirts, ties, slacks, and shoes all sprawled on the floor, tummy down, while reading their books to decide what notes to give. I stood nearby one of these groups and observed them for a bit. When a member of the group asked me what I was doing, "Pondering your study position," I answered with no little laughter in my voice. They looked up, smiled, and explained that it was easier to work and think while 'relaxed' on the floor.

Who am I to argue with a boy's inspiration.


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