Monday, January 31, 2011

Catholic Schools Week


Today we celebrate St. John Bosco's dedication to reaching out to youth in need; a fitting beginning to Catholic Schools Week. While I grew up with a fine public school education in my hometown and even attended a public university for my undergraduate, I have learned to appreciate the freedom of sharing my faith in both word and action.

Back in my day, even the public school teacher could (and often did) offer to pray for a student if they knew something was wrong. The principal allowed the Catholic kiddos (okay my sisters and I) to come to school late after attending morning Mass on Holy Days of Obligation. The school hosted a baccalaureate for the seniors and the local clergy worked out a schedule for who would lead each year, but each graduating kiddo received a simple cross from the representatives of our Christian faith.

Now...well, I know I am blessed to be at a Catholic school. I gratefully send each kiddo out my door with a "God Bless" and often call them my "Children of God." We pray for each other's needs and the needs of the city and world. I am Blessed...

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