Tuesday, January 11, 2011

They Can Surprise You!


Last week I assigned a project to help my gentlemen connect the Cardinal Virtues of our textbook and the reality of our lives. "Virtues in the News"...to self define one of the four Cardinal Virtues and then find an item in the news that illustrates someone or some group living that virtue in our world today. With a the weekend and a snow day between the assignment and our return to school, I assumed that they would forget or just do the least work to get the project done. Wow, they sure can surprise you!

The gentlemen found articles of Fortitude, Prudence, Temperance, and Justice...some of my favorites are:

Justice: A woman in Afghanistan who is helping other women speak out against domestic violence despite threats to her own safety. A local woman who will be 100 and is still volunteering for an area hospital by knitting caps for newborns.

Fortitude: Many of their news stories were connected to the violent attack in Tuscon, Arizona. Muslim Egyptians acting as living shields for the Coptic Christian Egyptians during the Christmas services.

Prudence: A dancer who returns to his native country to reach out to youth through teaching dance. A teacher (from our school) retires after 40 years of teaching and guiding high school students.

Temperance: George Clooney and other famous folk working to help others in South Sudan and countries in need; they use not only their fame but also their money to reach out.

The gents did a great job of seeking out and finding news that connected to our Cardinal Virtues and then discussing them with each other...this may have to be a reoccurring assignment format. It was wonderful to see them making their own connections and pointing them out to their classmates. And all this on a bitterly cold day when all the other schools were called off for weather!


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