Friday, November 7, 2008

Sister Who?


Today I started tutoring at Dominican. I volunteered to assist in the resource room on Friday mornings. They have a very clear process that qualifies students that are assigned to the resource room. It becomes a studyhall with structure and assistance available. The teacher introduced me to each class period and explained (sort of) who I was and why I wanted to be available to assist them.

The teacher encouraged me to float through the room and ask a few questions about what students were working on or why they had decided to work on that subject. They were an interesting bunch, a few of whom were on the B and even A honor roll with the study skills Claudia pushes. I ended up working with one young lady that was trying to type an essay for "Of Mice and Men" before English class in two periods. When I recommended she take the typing off bold since the teacher would notice she was doing it simply to eat up space. She stopped typing, turned in her chair, looked me in the eye, and bold as brass asked, "And you exactly are Sister Who?" (as only a sophomore could). Ahhh...the locations may change and surroundings can differ, but children of God remain the same.

I can't wait for next Friday.

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