Monday, November 17, 2008

Ben's Been Misquoted!


I was reading an article by a fellow for my Theories of Learning class, all very quite hum drum. The author was explaining the different backgrounds of the constructivist pedagogy and the pitfalls that surround this new approach to the reform of education. One of the concerns he has is the mixing of the objective (traditional) pedagogy and the reforming style. He summed up the objective style with a quote from "the Benedictine monastic rule: "It belongeth to the master to speak and to teach; it becometh the disciple to be silent and to listen" (Winschitl).

Totally taken out of the context of chapter six's reasoning for silence and restraint of speech! Eik! I won't bring it up in class unless directly asked (they might know which kind of nun I am), but it bothers me that someone would use the Rule with one random quote to explain the 'evils' of a whole style of teaching.

I just had to share my irritation with the misuse of Ben's ideas in the Rule with someone who would understand.

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